Virginia Assembly

The Apostolic Church International-Virginia Assembly is one of the twenty-eight (28) branches of Apostolic Church in the U.S.A.

The Assembly since it’s inception about fifteen (15) years ago has enjoyed peace, tranquility, and Tremendous Growth numerically, spiritually and materially to this present day.

Currently, the Virginia Assembly can account for Four Hundred and fifty (450) members between the ages fourteen (14) and Seventy-five (75) and also one hundred and fifty (150) children between the ages of two (2) and Thirteen (13)

The Assembly is run by a five (5) member Presbytery , comprising of The Head Pastor, Three (3) Elders and an Administrator, Ably assisted by Five (5) members of the Local Management Committee, who are actively involved in the daily operation of the church.

The Apostolic Church Int. – Virginia is presently located at 8002 HAUTE COURT, SPRINGFIELD, VA 22150, the Church runs two (2) services on Sunday’s. English Service’s at 9am-11am and Akan Service’s from 11am-1:30pm. Other Major church activities are Bible Studies on Wednesday evenings and prayer sessions on Friday nights.

Realizing the trend of growth, the church in 2010 launched the “Vision 2012” program, which is a project that is jeered towards the construction of an Ultra-Modern Sanctuary to accommodate the growing membership, and also to create an environment for the transformation and salvation of souls, and for the enhancement of moral values in the Virginia Community.

As part of the accomplishment of this objective and through the voluntary contribution from it members, the church in 2012 acquired 7.6 Acres of land in Woodbridge, Virginia, and is steadily going through the process of obtaining approval from the state and County Authorities for the construction of the sanctuary. Also the church is vigorously going through various processes and programs to secure a loan and also donations for the funding of this project.

To the glory of God, The Apostolic Church Int. Virginia Assembly has over the years experienced the transformation of many lives, working of miracles, preaching the unadulterated word of God, ministered deliverance to people from the clutches of the devil, and provided hope, support and comfort to it’s members and the needy in society, and will continue to do even more.

It is our fervent prayer and our utmost wish that all will come to the saving knowledge of Christ through the ministry of this Church and that people will find the meaning for living in this world, as the second coming of Christ is evidently approaching.

On this note, we wish to welcome all who labor and are heavy laden, to come and find rest in Christ though our church and all who share our vision and will want to contribute in any way towards its achievement.

May God Bless you.